Reproductive Health: ONE KEY QUESTION to BRAVE Responses

By the Rev. Andrea Cano, Ainsworth UCC, Portland, OR

Hobby-LobbyAt my age, well into the post-menopausal 60’s, there’s a lot to embracing cronehood. It is a time to mine experiences for wisdom, continue to learn and deepen my understanding of life, and still be involved in matters of consequence.

One of those matters surfaced in the July 7 issue of Slate Magazine[1] in an article titled “Would you like to become pregnant next year?” This query is the heart of the ONE KEY QUESTION campaign being launched by the Oregon Foundation for Reproductive Health.[2]

The initiative aims to assure that during each medical visit, women of child bearing age are asked the question, and the response then “triggers a doctor-patient discussion that will keep women healthier, help eliminate health disparities, and save tax payer dollars.”

If the woman answers ‘yes’, resources, a pre-natal care plan, and counseling are suggested for a healthy pregnancy.  If she does not intend to get pregnant, the discussion focuses on a wide range of contraceptive options to prevent unplanned pregnancy.  If she is uncertain, she is encouraged to take preventive measures until she is sure, because 85% of couples not using contraceptives will become pregnant the next year, whether they intend to or not.