by John Hickox, Dufur, Oregon
palestine stampAre you ready for good news about the Middle East? It’s here! For the first time since 1948, it’s okay to boldly speak out in support of the Palestinian cause. Even Thomas Friedman is doing it! A link to his recent New York Times column follows:

The Third Intifada,  February 5, 2014, Wednesday

The weapons of this uprising in the Middle East are nonviolent.

One of the surprising, even shocking, things Mr. Friedman says:

It’s obvious that a Third Intifada is underway.  It’s the one that Israel always feared most–not an intifada with stones or suicide bombers, but one propelled by nonviolent resistance and economic boycott.

Friedman is right.  Benjamin Netanyahu (and Ariel Sharon before him) was happy when the opposition was defined by suicide bombers. Every bus explosion translated into millions of dollars from members of the American Jewish community.