by Carol Stirling

According to Idaho Kids Count, 30-50% of the people in Idaho have to choose between paying their bills (i.e., utilities, rent, medicine) and buying food. Organizations such as Idaho Hunger Relief, Idaho Interfaith Roundtable Against Hunger and the Idaho Food Bank are working to address hunger in Idaho.
Idaho Interfaith Roundtable fought for and won a bill to implement a grocery tax credit. People who pay income taxes are able to get a grocery tax credit and those who pay no taxes get a refund each year. Idaho is one of only seven states in the U.S. that has a sales tax on food.
The Idaho Hunger Relief Task Force held a summit on hunger and food insecurity. Some of their goals are:
• Increase participation in the Summer Meal Program for food-insecure Idaho children.
• Develop an Idaho Food Stamp Outreach Plan.
• Create a comprehensive awareness/media campaign for nutrition education and benefit assistance programs.
The Idaho Food Bank has programs such as: