Occupying Our Faith

by Will Fuller, Kairos-Milwaukie UCC

Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Portland have received a lot of attention, but their meaning for the faith community has not. As a denomination committed to social justice, the United Church of Christ is intimately involved in the issues and precedent-setting nature of Occupy, and so we need to reflect on our role, responsibilities and relationship with this evolving social phenomenon.

Rev’s Chuck Currie and Kate Lore at Occupy Portland


Presented by Witness For Peace Northwest

Eleazar Garcia

  •  Monday, Nov. 7, Portland, OR 7 pm: St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, 6835 SW 46th Ave.
  •  Tuesday, Nov. 8, Corvallis, OR 4 pm: Westminster House, Oregon State University, 101 NW 23rd.
  •  Tuesday, Nov. 8, Eugene, OR 7 pm: Friends Meeting House, 2274 Onyx St.
  •  Wednesday, Nov. 9, Portland, OR 7 pm: Lewis & Clark College, 0615 Southwest Palatine Hill Road, Public welcome

Eleazar Garcia will address the devastating impacts the North American Free Trade Agreement has had on the Mexican countryside, including an abandonment of traditional sustainable ways of life of small farmers, as well as a boom in rural Mexican migration to the United States. Speaking from his experience of seeing this devastation first hand, Eleazar will not only share the negative impacts of this free trade model, but will also present a hopeful alternative that is being carried out to preserve the land, and to stem the tide of migrants leaving rural Mexico for the U.S.

Eleazar Garcia is an indigenous campesino from the Mixteca region of Oaxaca.
He is an expert in sustainable agriculture and environmental restoration, and is a founding member of the Center for Integral Development of the Campesino of the Mixteca Alta (CEDICAM). Throughout his over ten years of work with CEDICAM, he has served as president and has worked as a promoter and teacher of holistic resource management, organic agriculture, seed preservation, soil conservation and reforestation.

For more information contact: Aleita Hass-Holcombe (541) 740-3235  www.witnessforpeace.org