What Does Your Pilgrimage Towards Climate Justice Look Like?

by Susan Smith, First Congregational UCC, Salem, Oregon
pilgrimage WCCThe World Council of Churches has called upon Christians around the world to begin a pilgrimage towards climate justice. So what does that look like?

Christians from many countries have started their pilgrimage towards climate justice by heading to Paris, on foot and by bicycle, seeking to reach there by the end of November. Once in Paris, they will attend interfaith side events aimed at influencing the international climate change negotiations. The hope is that the Paris conference, the 21st annual meeting of nations that ratified the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, will result in a treaty consisting of binding and enforceable national commitments to reduce net carbon emissions by every nation – as well as national funding commitments for a Green Energy Fund to fund renewable energy efforts in the poorest developing countries. For more information, visit:  World Council of Churches.