Rolling Justice Important Announcement

by Karen Kulm, CPC Justice & Witness Ministry Team

We have been publishing Rolling Justice for the last two years as an email newsletter in order to inform, inspire and generate advocacy. We are now excited to announce that we are moving to a blog format. Our blog can be found at . You can also go to the Central Pacific Conference website at: and click on “e-newsletters” and that will link to our blog.

We will continue to send out Rolling Justice via our current list serve, but we invite you to transition to the blog by going to the website and on the right side you will see “Stay In Touch” where you can sign up for email alerts of new blog postings and/or sign up for RSS feed.

Other features of the blog include: archived past editions on the left tool bar, categorized search of past editions on the right tool bar, and a blogroll of peace, justice, racial justice and LGBT community partners on the right tool bar. This list is a work in progress that will expand.

Another exciting feature is “Leave a Comment” at the end of each blog post. Many of you have wanted to react or respond to our articles and now you have an opportunity! These comments will be monitored by the blog administrators to cut down on inappropriate use.

This new blog will enable your Justice & Witness Ministry Team to serve you better by posting more current events, advocacy opportunities, and resources. We are also hoping to increase our networking with you through the use of the “Leave a Comment” section on the blog posts. We are in mission together with you to do justice, seek peace, and build community.