ucc justice revival header smJustice & Witness Ministries with the Central Pacific & Pacific Northwest UCC Conferences invite you to a time of inspiring worship, preaching, and training to fan the flames of justice in the Northwest. We seek hearts aglow with the fire of the Holy Spirit! We come together to pray and proclaim, to sing and rejoice, to receive an abundance of grace in our lives, our ministries and our churches. Like the disciples after Pentecost, we gather to be re-inspired to be Christ’s Church in the world.

First Congregational United Church of Christ, Vancouver, WA
1220 NE 68th St., Vancouver, WA
Saturday, November 8, 2014 — 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM


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Is Saving Creation A Justice Issue?

By Jim Ruyle, Hillsdale United Church of Christ, Portland, OR

wilson forestIf the United Church of Christ is nothing else, it is a justice church. Consider the many justice issues appearing recently in our national and conference level websites: domestic violence, Native Americans, poverty, disabilities, hunger, violence against women, gun violence, racism, climate change, child labor, literacy, low income housing, refugees, Palestine/Israel, and LGBTQ youth. We are so energized by justice issues that we take joy in shouting them out when we name our local churches: “Multi-cultural, multi-racial, open and affirming, just peace, accessible, new sanctuary movement” and justifiably so. All these issues represent callings from God to the churches and people who embrace them.

But how does an issue qualify as a justice issue?  Many seem obvious just to cite them.  But what about issues which have received less recognition and are just emerging as matters of importance?  How do they rise to a level such that they deserve cries of alarm and the investment of resources?  Say for example that scientists predict that by the end of this century, one-half of our plant and animal species may be extinct – one-quarter by mid-century – at the rate we are destroying their habitat. 

Typhoon Trauma in the Visayas

by Dennis Alger, Wider Church Ministries Team, Central Pacific Conference, UCC

typhoon shipFirst, you need a map. Those of us who are old enough to remember the assassination of President Kennedy also remember 6th Grade Geography Class, but many of us do not know much about the Philippines.  Oh, that’s right, it takes some effort to find a useful map; I suggest Powell’s Books.

Now that you are back from Powell’s and you are inside your warm and dry house and have had your coffee made with safe-for-drinking water along with a snack from your abundant pantry (I know, you’ve been meaning to donate some of the things people actually like to eat to a local charity), and your family members are enjoying their day—safe, healthy, secure, all accounted for—open your map.