ONE UNITED CHURCH on a shared mission for 11 powerful days to feed the hungry and confront food-related injustice.

This wonderful, visionary United Church of Christ project has a terrific website to help you and your church participate in the national endeavor: www.ucc.org/mission1

First Congregational Church – UCC in Eugene is already engaged in the project in a myriad of ways. We will launch MISSION: 1 from the pulpit on September 11 with a spiritual message about building, giving, creating, and healing. All MISSION: 1 projects thereafter will hinge upon the theme offered on September 11.

The MISSION: 1 goal is 11,111 letters to Congress about food justice, food scarcity, and foreign aid. On October 30 at 11 am, we will have letters from the MISSION: 1 packet ready to send to our Congressman and Senators. We will hold the letters, bless them in worship on November 6, and send them. MISSION: 1 also encourages people to contact their Senators and Congressperson by web mail to work for food justice in foreign aid.

The MISSION: 1 goal is to gather 1 million nonperishable food items. The FCC Sunday School classes will collect items, particularly Latino foods, for local Food for Lane County. They will collect 11 of 11 items for 11 food boxes.

The MISSION: 1 goal is to educate about food justice.  We will include an adult education series of six Sundays, October 16-November 20.  We have invited Food for Lane County to address their county efforts and their service at the Dining Room in downtown Eugene.  A Bread for the World curriculum will fill out the other adult education sessions.

The annual CROP Walk (October 16, 2 pm,Alton Baker Park) will be part of FCC’s MISSION: 1 efforts. We will gather pledges of at least $111 and form 11 walking teams.

The MISSION: 1 goal is a Neighbors in Need offering of $111,111 online or by check.  We are currently considering how FCC will share in this giving.

Finally, Consecration Sunday is November 13 at FCC.  We will present an altar of generosity, giving food items along with pledges at the altar that morning.

FCC will have one person who receives data on our efforts and passes along the “numbers” to the national MISSION: 1 data bank.  We look forward to the national UCC MISSION: 1. The iconic dates of 11.1.11–11.11.11 make engaging in the project especially inviting.

~By Brenda Kame’enui, First Congregational Church UCC, Eugene, OR.  Brenda is a member of the Central Pacific Conference Justice & Witness Ministry Team and is active in her church and community in various justice issues.

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